League Rules

The leagues are open to the public for an additional $5 fee for those who are not members of Eastman Recreation Club. The leagues are played on Monday nights starting in October and ending in March.

  • Age requirement is at least fourteen (14) years old.

  • Three (3) games are played in a match.

  • Scoring method is rally score to twenty-one (21) win by two (2)  and cap at twenty-five (25).

  • Thirteen (13) minute time limit on each game.

  • One (1) time out per team per game.

  • You may play with four (4) players (Co-ed: no more than two (2) men).

  • Co-ed: if playing with five (5) or six (6) players three (3) men max.

  • Co-ed: three (3) hits one (1) must be a female.

  • Co-ed: two (2) men can take it over in two (2) hits.

  • Net serve is allowed (Play the serve if it hits the net and crosses in play).

  • Foot digs are allowed. (added in 2004-2005)

  • The ceiling is in play. (play the ball if hits the ceiling on your side).

  • Substitutions and rotating in (middle back).

  • Flip to choose to serve or receive (alternate serves for the next two (2) games).

  • A player can not change teams once he/she has played with original team.

  • Everyone playing with your team must be on your roster. Teams are not allowed to pick-up subs from other teams.

  • USVBA rules will apply.
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