Photographing Water - Taking pictures of lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Guidelines - For printing, matting and framing your photos.  Includes do-it-yourself, local, and online options.

HDR - Digital sensors in today's cameras cannot capture an extreme range of light or tonality like our eyes can.  High Dynamic Range or HDR is a technology that enables the creation of a digital photograph that cover these extremes.  The following is an introduction to HDR by Steve Falling.

DSLR Sensor Cleaning - The sensor in a DSLR camera will naturally attract dust, which will show up as spots on a photograph. Kent Ervin reviewed tools and methods for cleaning a sensor at the January 2010 meeting. This document provides some information on the tools he uses and the steps he takes to clean his camera's sensor. Incorrectly cleaning a sensor can damage a camera and result in very expensive factory repairs.
You must carefully follow the instructions that come with the cleaning tools to avoid damaging your camera.

Night Photograpy - These are the slides from a talk Bill Harris gave in July 2010 about the Challenges of Night Photography.  Bill covered location selection (including safety & security), photo equipment, exposure considerations, composition and focus issues.  In his slides he illustrated the effects of over or under exposing night photos as well as the effects of using high ISO settings.

Off-Camera Lighting on the cheap - Information from Spencer Hochstetler's presentation on off-camera flash, including a list of all the equipment he demoed, where to buy it and current pricing. An excellent resource.

Real Estate Photography - Real Estate Photography by Kent Ervin – slides from a presentation given to the Camera Club in July 2015.  Includes recommendations on equipment, workflow, business processes, and photography.   Over 70 pages of very useful information from one of the most successful Real Estate Photographers in the region.


The History of Photography - The word “photography” was first used in 1839 by Sir John F.W. Herschel. Throughout the years, the exact methods used to capture images has transformed dramatically.


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