World Team Tennis

World Team Tennis is a co-ed league that uses a non-traditional format. Each team match will consist of six sets: one set of men's doubles, one set of women's doubles, one set of men's singles, one set of women's singles, and two sets of mixed doubles. (The mixed doubles is two separate courts, and each court will play one set). The winner of the team match is determined by the total number of games won. This league is different than USTA (United States Tennis Association) as coaching is allowed during the match and you may make substitutions between points. You do not have to be a member of USTA, META, or the Eastman Recreation Tennis Club to participate; it is open to everyone.

Teams will consist of a minimum of 4 players (2 men and 2 women) up to a maximum of 10 players on the roster. For the "3.0 and Below" division, you must be rated 3.0 or lower.  For the "3.5 Division" and "4.0 Division," we will be using the WTT team average rule to determine the team level (average of the rating of the 2 highest rated men and women on the team).  4.0 Division will play on Monday nights, and the 3.5 and 3.0 Divisions will play on Thursday nights.

The cost of the league will be $25 per player.  Each player will receive a World Team Tennis team gift. Eastman Tennis Club members may join the league for a reduced rate of $20 per player.

For more information, call Joe Douthat at 224-7544


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