The Eastman International Club is trying to revitalize some of our existing language clubs and we hope to start  a couple of new ones. 
The goal of the Eastman Language clubs is to offer an opportunity to practice a foreign language in a fun, friendly and entertaining atmosphere and is intended for folks learning and wanting to practice a new language or having a business need to practice a language or just taking advantage of an opportunity to making new acquaintances with similar interests in further developing language skills.
These language clubs are facilitated by volunteers and generally meet over the lunch hour, but could meet anytime convenient to the members, who  should be willing to participate in setting  the agendas. 
If you are interested in practicing Spanish in a friendly and entertaining manner, please contact Mayra Nayeli Gonzalez Saldana (mailto: magonzalez@eastman.com) X- 1342. Kate Kornau will be leading our newly founded Chinese Lunch Club, if interested please contact Kate (mailto:kkornau@eastman.com)X-3420.
The German Lunch Club meets every Tuesday in B150 , conference room 234 (off the lobby) from noon until 1:00PM. This lunch club is also available to Eastman retirees and non-Eastman Employees and does not require an Eastman pass to attend.
For more information please contact Marina Evans (mbevans@eastman.com) at X-2935.
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