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Camping club brochures are available in the Recreation office at the Employee Center.

  1. Some changes have been made to guidelines (please review)

  2. NEW MEMBERS!  Don’t forget to stop by the Recreation Office (229-3771) to get your Campground Gate Key. They are $8 each (limit 2 per member). They require no renewal.  They are valid as long as you are a Camping Club member.
    Also, you may view the Reservation Book on our website to see what is available. We accept check, cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We accept card payments over the phone offering you more convenience in your payment options.
  3. Updates have been made to electrical outlets at the Eastman Campground. TECI electricians did a great job repairing and replacing the equipment.
    Please see the photo of the 50/30 amp power adapter that I noticed being used at one of the campsites. This style adapter is compact, but the design is such that it extends the plug, making it impossible to close the electrical enclosure properly. Campers, be advised to discontinue the use of this type of adapter and use only cords/plugs/adapters which allow the covers to fully close.
For questions or concerns, please contact the ERC Camping Club Representative
Richard Elliott - 229-3300
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