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Basketball League Rules & Eligibility




  • Game Time:
    • Regulation: Two 16 minute halves.
    • Clock: The clock runs continuously, except for shooting fouls, injuries, and timeouts. The clock will also stop during the last two minutes of regulation on every whistle.
    • Timeouts: Each team will receive four full timeouts per game. Each team will also receive one substitution (20 second) timeout per half. You must have a sub to use a substitution timeout. The clock will not stop unless it is the last two minutes of the game.
    • Overtime: Each overtime period will be 3 minutes. Clock will stop during last one minute of overtime. Each team receives one additional timeout.
  • Fighting:  
    • Fighting will not be tolerated. Anyone that gets involved in a fight will be ejected from that game and suspended for a minimum of two additional games. Involved players will also be subject to ejection from the league. The recreation staff reserves the right to make all decisions based on each case.
  • Dunking:
    • No dunking before, during, or after games. Technical fouls will be called for attempted dunks.



  • Must be an Eastman Employee or Eastman Contractor to participate in league.
  • Post Season Tournament
    • Double elimination tournament will be held at end of regular season.
    • The league will typically be split into two divisions (upper and lower) prior to tournament.
    • Players must play in at least 1/3 of regular season games to be eligible.
    • Exception: New hires must play in at least 1/2 of games since their employment to be eligible. 
  • All-Star Team
    • An all-star team will be selected at the conclusion of the regular season.
    • Twenty players will be selected for the all-star team.
    • Each team will have at least one representative on the all-star team.
    • Players will be selected based on a combination of ratings including "game mvp voting", "coaches voting for top three players per team", and "coaches voting for top twenty players in league".
    • Players must play in at least 1/3 of regular season games to be eligible.
  • Scoring Title
    • Award will be given to the player with the highest individual scoring average per game.
    • Players must play in at least 2/3 of regular season games to be eligible.


Updated 11/8/2016

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