League Rules



  1. All bowlers must be sanctioned by USBC to participate in the ERC Mixed Bowling League. Teams may be composed of both ERC bowling club members and Non-ERC members, however at least one member of the team bowling each night must be an ERC bowling club member. If a member of a team is not an ERC Bowling Club Member, they must pay the Sanction Fee to USBC, unless they have already sanctioned in another league. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to provide the necessary information to the ERC Representative on Non-ERC members.
  2. All participants in the ERC Bowling League must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. USBC and ERC rules will prevail.
  4. No rule shall contradict any USBC established rules.  Any rule not covered by ERC league rules shall revert to USBC rules.
  5. The bowling time is set by the bowling establishment and ERC Bowling Club and will be followed as closely as possible.  Only ERC reserves the right to postpone play of the entire league up until bowling time.  If inclement weather occurs prior to the bowling time, ERC will contact the captains of each team, by 3:00 p.m., and advise of any cancellations.  If inclement weather occurs during bowling, the team captains will decide whether to continue (majority will rule).
  6. To bowl catch-up for the first game, all late bowlers must be ready to bowl by 7:00pm. If the player is not ready to bowl by 7:00 p.m., a nemo will be used in the first game and a substitute can be inserted for the 2nd and 3rd games. Late bowlers will not be allowed any warm-up. Key times to remember: (6:20-warm-up; 6:30-start; and 7:00-grace).
  7. Any protest declared by any team must be submitted to the ERC Coordinator within 24 hours after the match in question.  A decision will be made by one of the following: Eastman Recreation, Bowling Club officers, or a steering committee composed of bowling club officers, and team captains.
  8. Rosters are limited to six people; however, the team can still use subs as needed throughout the season. Roster members can't bowl for any other teams during the regular season; tournament doesn't apply.
  9. For a player to voluntarily transfer from one team to another, a notice must be sent to the Recreation Coordinator.  Only one (1) transfer per bowling year.  If a team drops from the league, its players are automatically released to any other team.
  10. A team must consist of at least four (4) Bowlers.
  11. Teams may roll matches with no more than one (1) nemo.  A team must bowl with at least two bowlers from their roster, and either two subs, or one sub, and one nemo.
  12. The nemo score will be based on the absent team member's current average less 10 pins plus full handicap. Identification of the absent team member is covered by USBC rules.  Should a player be unable to complete a game because of disability, injury or emergency, the team shall count the actual score for the frames bowled plus one-tenth of the bowler's average less 10 pins for each frame missed.

    NOTE:  When computing score: Take actual score for frames bowled; credit 10 pins for a strike or spare in last frame bowled. Add 1/10 of the bowler's average less 10 pins for each of the remaining frames.  For example, if a bowler with a 155 average had to leave after the seventh frame, then 1/10 of (155 – 10) = 14.5 X 3 frames = 43.5. Drop fraction and add 43 to their actual score for 7 frames bowled. The fraction is dropped after the total amount is figured, and not from each frame.

  13. THIS IS A GUARANTEED LEAGUE AND SANCTIONED BY USBC RULES.  For an individual to drop out from the league, a two-week notice must be given to the Recreation Coordinator.  The team or individual is responsible for all monies owed to the bowling establishment for a two-week period.  If no notice of withdrawal is given, the team or individual is responsible for all monies owed to the bowling establishment for the remainder of the season.  It will be the responsibility of the ERC Bowling Club to collect said monies.  If monies are not paid, suspension from USBC, and ERC will be initiated.
  14. Bowlers are responsible for paying their own bowling fee on each given bowling date unless they have made other arrangements.  The captain is responsible for turning in their bowling fees each week before the second game.
  15. Bowlers that participated in last year's ERC league will use their average, and handicap for the first nine games of the new season, then the handicap will be adjusted weekly by results each week. (Must have bowled at least 21 games in the previous season to be able to use the average/handicap from last year.) All other Bowlers will establish handicap on the first night they bowl.  Handicaps will be updated each week.  Handicaps will be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler's average and 220.
  16. There shall be seven (7) points awarded per match, two (2) points for each game won and one (1) point for total pins.  When a tie occurs, each of the teams shall be credited with one-half the value of the normal point award.
  17. Each week one of the league's nine teams will bowl unopposed. This team will be awarded (2) points for each game that their team bowls within 40 pins of their handicapped game average. This team will be awarded one additional point if they bowl within 120 pins of their handicapped series average.
  18. The league will not bowl on 12/23 due to the Christmas.
  19. The season shall produce two (2) bowling champions: a regular season champion and tournament winners.
  20. The season will be divided into halves, with each half consisting of 10 weeks.  (9 weeks plus a position round for week 10).

    If one team wins both halves, they will be declared the season champions. Otherwise, the season champion will be determined by a three-game roll-off, decided by total pins plus handicap, of the winners of each half and the two teams with the best season ytd records that didn't win a half.

    Typically, the roll-off will be held the week following the end of the regular season and a tournament will be held the following week.  If a team involved in the roll-off can not field a legal line-up because of shift schedules, the roll-off may be postponed or the roll-off and tournament weeks may be switched at the discretion of a steering committee composed of the bowling club officers and team captains.

    Tournament winners will be determined by a tournament held the week following the roll-off.  Everyone that wants to participate in the tournament must notify the ERC coordinator before the end of the regular season to determine the correct number of lanes to be reserved.  The tournament shall consist of one set of three games with total pins plus handicap counting.

    Rule 113 – Roll-offs/Playoffs/Special Contests

    113a. Definition

    1. Roll-off:

    A roll-off is a separate competition conducted to break ties. A roll-off must be conducted:

    a. To determine the champion when a tie exists for first place at the end of the league schedule, unless the league allows for co-champions;

    b. To determine first place when a tie occurs in any segment of a split season;

    c. When the league decides to break a tie for any other position.

  21. To be eligible for roll-off and tournament play, a bowler must have rolled in a minimum of 1/3 (20 games for current season) of the total games for the regular season.
  22. A bowler must roll in at least 1/3 (20 games for current season) of the total games for the regular season to be eligible for awards. A Substitute is not eligible for Team Awards. A bowler must bowl in at least 2/3 (40 games for current season) to be eligible for the 'bowler of the year' award. There will be one male "bowler of the year" and one "female bowler of the year".
  23. Previous year's entries will have priority on openings in the league for the current year provided they contact the Recreation Coordinator or attend a bowling meeting prior to the start of the bowling season.
  24. The ERC Bowling Club dues are $3.00 per year per member.  There are no ERC membership dues for any Eastman retiree.  ERC will pay the USBC sanction fees for each ERC Bowling Club member that bowls in the Eastman Recreation Mixed League in the current season.
  25. The ERC Coordinator, ERC Bowling Club Officer, or League Secretary can be contacted during play if there is a question to any bowling rule.
  26. During warm-ups, bowlers can roll one ball per trip at a full rack. The pins will then be reset to a new full rack for the next bowler, unless there is a mechanical malfunction.
  27. Teams can pre-bowl or post-bowl, subject to the following restrictions:
    1. Team pre- or post-bowling must be done as a team.
    2. The opposing team captain must be notified and given the opportunity to bowl in opposition.
    3. The bowling desk at Warpath Lanes must be notified of the intent to pre-bowl so that the scores can be recorded properly.
    4. Any post-bowled games must be made up prior to the next scheduled week of competition.
    5. Team pre- and post-bowling is not allowed during the roll-off or tournament.
  28. Individuals can pre-bowl only, subject to the following restrictions:
    1. No more than two team roster members may pre-bowl in a given week.
    2. The bowling desk at Warpath Lanes must be notified of the intent to pre-bowl so that the scores can be recorded properly.
    3. The league coordinator must be notified of the results of the pre-bowling prior to league competition.  Email notification is sufficient at jdouthat@eastman.com
    4. Individual pre-bowling is not allowed during the roll-off or tournament.
  29. As per USBC rules, any unopposed pre-bowled or post-bowled games do not qualify for High Score Awards (900, 800, 300, and 11 strikes in-a-row).  The key word here is unopposed.  All other Achievement Awards do apply to unopposed pre- and post-bowled games.

    USBC Rule Changes for 2019-2020 Season

    General Playing Rules

    Rule 18, Bowling Ball - Altering Surface

    Bowling balls cannot be cleaned with liquid substances or cleaning agents or have any foreign

    materials on the ball including but not limited to powder, rosin, marker or paint.





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